Why do I have to pay a deposit?

In order to have the items on your ticket reserved, we require a non-refundable deposit. This tells us that you are serious about the order so we can start prepping your items for your upcoming event. This payment goes towards your final total, so you can consider it a down payment.

What does it cost to have my rentals delivered?

For delivery, we charge a flat rate (per your city) + $1.00 per mile. For example, within the Bakersfield area, your delivery fee is $80.00 + $1.00 per mile. This covers gas and the time our crew puts into loading and unloading your items. It also covers both delivery and pick up!

If I rent china or linens, do I have to clean them before they’re returned?

We cover all cleaning in house! We only ask that you brush any food off the plates you’ve used before you put them in the crates provided. Linens are even easier-just toss our linens and the hangers into the red bag(s) provided, we take care of the rest!

Why do I have to pay a damage waiver?

We charge 10% of your rental item(s) cost as our damage waiver. This not only covers you if you break china, but it also covers the wear and tear the items get with each rental.

Can I have something delivered at a specific time?
  • Of course! We offer 3 options for delivery:
    •  Standard-this means we will route your order in whatever way makes sense economically for all of our deliveries, it will arrive anytime between 7:00am and 7:00pm. 
    • AM/PM Delivery-for $30 you can choose either AM (8:00am-12noon) or PM (12noon-4:00pm) and your items are guaranteed within the 4 hour window. 
    • Time Specific-for $150 you can select the exact time your items will arrive at your location (within an hour).
How far in advance should I place an order?

We recommend 3 months in advance to be safe. However once you know the date of your event and what items you’re interested in, we can book it! 3 months gives us enough time to get you into our schedule without worrying about delivery slots or rental items being booked up.

How do I go about renting items?

There are 3 ways to book items for your event! Using our website’s Online Request feature, calling, or stopping by the showroom! Please remember, we must receive the $100.00 deposit to convert your items into a reservation and hold your items for your event!

What’s the difference between a Bid/Quote, a Reservation, and a Contract?

A Bid/Quote is for pricing purposes only, no items are held or reserved in this stage. A reservation holds all items for you, you still have the flexibility to add/remove or change quantities but a $100.00 non-refundable deposit has been made. A Contract means you have paid in full and you are in possession of the items for your event.

Can I come in to see your rental items?

Yes, we love hosting people in our showroom! Feel free to come in Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 4:00pm. We can show you rental items in person, and even set up a mock table for your event to help you see your vision! *Please note-if you would like to come by the showroom to set up a mock table, it is best to call a few days ahead so we can pull the items from our warehouse (this can be time consuming and we hate to make you wait)!

Why do I have to pay for a permit when I rent a tent?

When you rent a tent over 600 square feet, we have to submit paperwork for a tent inspection to ensure that it is up to code for the safety of all guests that will be occupying it during your event.





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